How-To: Broadcast Mixes to the World with Mixlr

Are you looking to play something for an audience but can’t find any gig? You have a huge collection of LPs and wish to listen to them with your grandma, but have no money or time to travel? You may want to share some romantic song with your better half to get them in a romantic mood, but how can you do that? The answer is easy. You can search for a live audio broadcasting application which allows sharing all types of audio quickly. The best application to do so is Mixlr.



It is an application which provides an easy way to broadcast audio over the web. It is a free application and provides an easy to use interface. You can download the app for iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. Although there is no version for Android at the time, soon developers will release an Android version as well. You can get it easily by downloading it from Mixlr’s website. The application provides several benefits for its users such as updating a status on Twitter or Facebook, scheduling broadcasts, and sending email updates to you. These emails contain the statistics of what you broadcast.

First Step: Installation of the App

As mentioned above, you can download the app from the Mixlr official website or from iTunes for iOS. This app does not require any technical knowledge to install it.

Second Step: Sign In

To use the application, you will need an account on Mixlr. If you already have an account, you can simply log in, but if you don’t, you will have to first create one. The process of creating an account is easy and you can do so on Mixlr’s registration page. Another advantage is that you can register using your Facebook account.

Third Step: Audio Setup Configuration

The configuration and setup depend on your preferences. Here, I will list the steps to set Mixlr to use it as a PC application like Ableton Live and Scratch Live. You can start the app differently with a different configuration and preference.

The first thing you will notice when you install the Mixlr app on Mac OSX or Windows is the sources of audio input: Microphone, Playlist, and Any Input.


Setting up a microphone is not difficult. In fact, you don’t have to do anything. The application will automatically use the PC’s built-in microphone. You can also attach a microphone to the PC if you do not wish to use the built-in one.


If you are an expert at playing audios, you will know what a playlist is. All you have to do is add the audio files on the hard drive and configure Mixlr to play them.

Any Input

Any Input is a slider for using PC-based sound applications such as Traktor and Ableton Live. To use it, you will need SoundFlower.

SoundFlower allows routing of the audio from your PC to virtual output sources. You can download this app from SoundFlower’s website and run the Soundflowerbed program after downloading it.

The next step is to set the PC’s audio output. Set it to “Soundflower (2ch).”

To complete the process, open your audio program and change the audio output routing to (2ch) Soundflower. For instance, if you are using Ableton Live, open “Live” and go to “Preferences.” There you will see the Audio tab, where you can select the output source.

Once you have finished setting up Soundflower, it is time to set up Mixlr. The next step is to open Mixlr. In the “Select Source” menu, you will see different sources. You need to select Soundflower (2ch). You can start broadcasting after making this selection.

Using a dusty old vinyl or ScratchLive with Mixlr

Here is how you can set up Mixlr if you are using some other application such as ScratchLive or an old vinyl.

The above method was a bit complicated. I will try to make things easier for you. I believe in working smarter, not difficult, so I will explain how to easily use Mixlr on your mobile phone with these two applications. Follow these steps to configure Mixlr with ScratchLive or vinyl.

The first step is to download and install the Mixlr app on your iPhone.

Then, use the mixer’s auxiliary out to attach the adapter to your iPhone. Every type of 3.5mm jack with three rings on the male end works perfectly. The other side of the jack should match with the auxiliary output of the mixer. You might need some kind of audio adapter for this purpose. I use IK Multimedia’s iRig adapter. I bought it from a Guitar Center for just $20. With this adapter, I can broadcast digitally and analogously without any hassle. It also allows easy integration with your PC.

Next, run the Mixlr app on your iPhone. Sign in and click on “Start Broadcast.”

Note: It is important you understand the significance of Wi-Fi connectivity. Make sure you have an excellent internet connection or have a data plan with no limits so that you can broadcast as much as you want.

Some Cool Tips for Using Mixlr

  • You can always use social networks with Mixlr. Set Mixlr to update your Facebook status and post updates on Twitter when you start broadcasting. This way your followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook can know when you are broadcasting live.
  • Your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter do not have to download Mixlr to listen to your broadcast. They just need to open your Mixlr link.
  • Mixlr also provides a chat interface. You can communicate live with your followers in the chatroom available on the page where you are broadcasting.
  • You can also send invitations to others so that they can join in.
  • Once the broadcast is complete, Mixlr emails you the detailed statistics of the current broadcast. The statistics are very useful and show how many people listened to your broadcast or how many new followers you have.