How to Invoice Clients for Your DJ Services

The most popular of questions that haunt DJs is about how they can send invoices to people who book them for gigs. It may appear to be an odd question to you, but if you are a DJ who has worked for a brand or corporate entity, you would know that proper statements are a must in the professional arena.

When dealing with the ways to invoice your clients, there are two categories of people. One of them includes people for whom this is just a one-time venture and the other includes those who have to invoice regularly.

Assuming you are aware of what an invoice entails, following are some of the best ways to invoice your clients based on which of the two categories of people you fit into.

Category 1: You need to send a statement once

If you belong to this group of individuals, Billable.Me would be perfect for you. The site itself is an invoice template, so all you have to do is fill in your details, download it, and dispatch it to your client. Although perfect for one-time invoicing needs, it has two problems. One issue is that using this method does not allow online payment to be received from the invoice. The second problem is that the site does not permit you to keep track of different clients and bills.

Category 2: You need to invoice clients on a regular basis

If you belong to this group of people, there are several online options available for you to avail. A few of them are free, while some require monthly payments. Nevertheless, all of them are excellent at catering to various invoicing needs. Following are four such websites:


Freshbooks has acquired the leading position in offering online services for invoicing. It has a trouble-free and user-friendly interface and possesses excellent features which enable users to take care of their income and expenses. Invoicing, however, appears to be its core facility. The website allows users to upload their trademark, receive payments online, and dispatch reminders of due dates.

Invoice by Wave

Wave offers free online invoicing software which is easy to set up and operate. It allows you to customize your invoices by attaching your DJ emblem. Through it, you can also receive payments faster since it enables the option of online payments. Your clients can easily settle their balances online by debit or credit cards. The software also allows you to receive payments made through credit cards in person.

Moreover, it has a supporting iPhone application as well which notifies you when your client receives the invoice. This is good since it allows you to keep track of which clients have received invoices and which haven’t.


Xero is an online, full-fledged accounting program which provides invoicing services as part of its basic facilities. Since it is a full-scale application, it allows you to keep track of your income and expenses along with managing your invoices. It is ideal for people operating a DJ company with numerous other DJs to look after or a promoter who has multiple people to deal with. This is because the software also allows users to pay employees if need be.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping

It was formerly known as Outright. GoDaddy Bookkeeping is also a full-scale accounting platform that offers invoices as part of its core services. It provides users with one basic plan, which enables users to send unlimited invoices to as many clients as they want. Like other software, it also offers pre-designed templates and allows you to personalize invoices by putting up your own trademark. Moreover, it supports online payments made via credit cards, PayPal, and Dwolla. Furthermore, it has a supporting iPhone application which enables users to not only track income, expenses, and invoices but also create and send the latter.

The unique feature of this platform is that it allows you to operate the software from your website’s sub domain. This basically means that the invoices you send to clients will be sent from your server as opposed to GoDaddy Bookkeeping’s domain. This is excellent for promoting your brand.

What is the right way for you?

There is no one right way to go about invoicing clients. This happens to be a subjective activity, depending on what your requirements are as a professional DJ and how many times does your clientele require you to dispatch bills and statements. If you happen to be a part of the second group of people who need to send out invoices regularly, you need a solution which allows you to keep track of how much each client owes, how many of your clients have received invoices already, and how many of your invoices you have dispatched.

Happy invoicing!