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Web Design Trends In 2020 Worth Considering

In the recent days, fresh web design trends are being released in the market. The launched web design trends of 2020 are continuation of web design themes which are trending. Most of them were created in the design ventures with minimalism in plenty, many gradients, and rule breaking typography etc. Let’s look at various types of web design trends incorporated in each of the website.

Various web design trends of the year 2020

  • Dark Mode

Many of the users in the recent days are using dark mode in email or applications. It is not at all anything surprising that various websites are also producing this type of design dark trend. The reason the dark mode is liked by many of them is because they are a trend with complementing dark interfaced along with bright elements. The typography used makes this readable easily for the users.

  • Artistic Illustrations

This design trend is specially line style drawing elements. They offer the hint of animation which are becoming prominent. The artistic illustration looks like they acquired tractions and it seems to be unforced, whimsical, and authentic. The design trends offer artistic elements connection which is creative, spunky, and imaginative. Every one of the illustrations created seems like it is drawn or sketched on the display screen. Many of the organization utilized line style and simple illustrations to narrate a story using the animation.

  • Liquid Animation

It can function for complete scenes as a manner for transitioning the elements of the video. This web design trend acts as the normal animation which helps to draw users into the design structure. The speed of the movement is the trick for creating this web design elements. It need to be produced with perfect timing, fluid, and smooth to apply a genuine feeling. Some company website used this design element as to offer motions for the elements displayed on the screen. The video of the background liquifies as the text block.

  • Audio User Experiences

This is the web design trend to model with a sound. These are the most popular web design elements trending which offer great experience of designing using the audio. The magazine companies used this design element to improve their user journey quality. This is a great way of designing as music is best unifier when it actually comes to storytelling dependent of web.

  • Color Changing Gradients

This is the biggest web design trend in the year 2020. It contains multi colour gradients with bold background to offer texture to the website. It is present everywhere in the recent days combining with multiple colours as the gradients instead of single colors. Many companies use the bold gradients and other for elements of text.

  • Overlap Layers

This design element is all about layers and layers overlapping with each other. The layers which are overlapping and design elements don’t make a 3D effect. Instead they sum up with dimension to the ventures and sense of depth. This design trend incorporates elements which are overlapping in multiple way. This is the prominent element which can work with any type of design plan. You can even overlap backgrounds, video, text, boxes, or elements of user interface. While using this design element, you need to make sure the design scroll flows with overlapping look.

  • Everything is 3D

This design trend offers great realism for the designing. Everything is 3D is the extension of this idea which is trending more rapidly. This offers the users with a great experience of designing their website.

  • Mixing Realism and Illustration

This web design trend is the combination of both illustration and realism. It is a great tweener aesthetic with amazing images. The picture displays the illustrated pieces of clothing with clarity.

  • Breaking Rules of Typography

While breaking the typography rules like sizing or odd spacing, the designers need to understand what they want to say and display on the website. This style is less of data one but more of an art element. This design element is unique and special as it modifies colour with placement in making an effect of layer. It also utilizes round text element among the elements of background for joining the spaces.

  • Minimalism Plus White Space

This is the web design trend whose popularity is rising. It remains to be strong and keeps on evolving as the trending design style.


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