Introduction To Web Design

Web designing is designing a website and planning the presentation of the contents that are delivered through it. It mainly contains the planning of how the contents of the site are to be delivered to the person. Good website design can increase the number of visitors in an enormous amount and create some high traffic to the website.

What is web design?

The term web design mainly means different skills and disciplines for the production of a website. In the era of digitalization, most of the companies, schools, colleges, etc. have their websites. The designing of the contents that are to deliver is called web designing.

Different skills in web design

Several types of skills are needed during the web page design. The primary skills and techniques are as follows:

  • Marketing and communication design: this part of web design mainly focuses on the target market of the website. It may be a particular age group or a specific culture. The web developer researches about the trends of them. The design of the page changes according to its target audience. E.g., business to business web page design may differ from the web page design, which is mainly targeted to the retailer audience.
  • User experience design or interactive design: This part interferes with the understanding of the website by the person who is using it. An experienced person may feel poorly planned sites also easy to use. But when it comes to a person who comes to an inexperienced person, the website should be designed correctly.
  • Page layout: this may affect the user interface design. It depends on the target population also weather the website should be designed with some pages or a single page layout.
  • Typography: This is an art and technique to arrange the type to make the written language readable. The web designer has to choose different kinds of typeface and typestyles to make the content on the page attractive.
  • Motion graphics: This is another essential part of website designing. The page layout and the user interface may also be affected by motion graphics. The choice of using motion graphics solely depends on the target audience of the website. E.g., for an entertainment-related webpage, it is better to use an excellent motion graphic. But it is entirely unnecessary for any website which targets some severe population like a business, community, etc.
  • Quality of code: this part contains the coding for the formation of the website. This part holds very much importance as sparse coding can make a site unusable.
  • Generated content: there are mainly two ways a website is produced. First is a static website; here, each time the page is requested, the same material is returned. Another type of site is a dynamic website. So this skill participates in planning whether the webpage is going to be a dynamic webpage or static webpage.

Web design as a career

All careers are a good career as long as you are passionate about it. Web designing can be a good career option to choose from. Digitalization caused most of the institutions to have their websites. Which makes web designing a perfect career option. Some of the career choice in web designing are as follows:

  • Web graphic designer
  • HTML programmer
  • Web layout artist
  • Web designer
  • Flash content designer
  • Entry-level web developer
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